Why Join SCAPTA?

Thank you for your interest in the South Carolina Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (SCAPTA).  I encourage to read the detailed information below to learn more about valuable benefits of membership, such as:

  • benefits, opportunities, and tools for seasoned and new professionls and students
  • educational resources and publications
  • tools for navigating payment policy, advancing your career, clinical practice guideliness
  • Employer benefits for sponsoring staff membership
  • financial and insurance benefits for members,
  • and more!

To become a member of SCAPTA, click on the following link: APTA Membership. When registering, please use SCAPTA source code: SC111

Here are some quick links for additional information:

For questions regarding membership, contact: 
Wade Harrell, SPT  
SCAPTA Membership Chairman

Membership in the South Carolina Chapter

The South Carolina Physical Therapy Association is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, which represents more than 80,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students nationwide. Membership dues includes membership in APTA, SCAPTA and your local district.

Association membership is an investment in both your current professional status and your future financial well-being.

Get Involved

Many people ask how they can get involved in the association. Here are some ways to get involved and some of the benefits of being involved. People usually think of volunteering as giving of themselves, but there's much to be gained, both personally and professionally, through raising your hand.

The best way to start getting involved is to attend a District Meeting. There are 6 geographic districts in the SCAPTA. You are assigned a district based on where you live. People that are active in the association attend district meetings and this is the best place to get started. Volunteer to be an officer, committee chair, or committee member in the district.

  • Gain experience outside of your job responsibilities: Is there something you've always wanted to do but you aren't qualified for it at this point in your career? Do you need more experience in an area before you're ready for a promotion? If the answer is "yes," volunteering may be the answer. Let's say you want to move into a management role but have had no experience with budgets. Working on a finance committee or as the treasurer of an organization may be just what you need to fill that gap.
  • Enrich yourself personally: Experiences like organizing or coordinating an event for the District or Chapter will help you grow and assist a cause you care for. And, as an added benefit, it will show your employer that you're interested in using your skills to help others. A well-rounded person is always a more desirable hire.
  • Attend CE courses sponsored by a District of SCAPTA.  The six districts of SCAPTA conduct approximately 2-3 meetings per year, most of which provide for CE opportunities and information sharing on latest issues in physical therapy.
  • Attend the SCAPTA Spring Conference
  • Become a Clinical Instructor: Enhance your professional image. Let people know that you know your stuff. Your unique combination of experience and education provide you with a background and perspective that is unlike anyone else's. Share what you know. You'll benefit yourself while benefiting others
  • Become a mentor of a student or new graduate
  • Network, Network, Network! Connect with people whether you're speaking at a district meeting or working on a committee, you never know whom you might meet. A positive impression may turn into a job opportunity down the road. And, you'll develop stronger interpersonal skills that will serve you well in anything you do
  • Affect Change: If the profession is going to accomplish Vision 2020, then we must rely on ourselves to do it. Contribute to the success of a conference. Work on the campaign for you favorite local candidate or contribute to the SCAPTA political action committee. Serve on the district's or chapter's board of directors. Whatever you choose to do will create a positive impact on the profession.